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Former Board Members

Yvonne Bianchi - 2004 - 2008 - Yvonne Bianchi is principal of CCg, Inc. and serves on the boards of the Bellingham Technical College and BTC Foundation.

Dean Brett - 2004 - 2014 - Dean Brett is a founding partner of Brett & Daugert PLLC, the largest law firm in Whatcom County.  Dean has served on the Whatcom Museum Society Board and is a member of Bellingham Bay Rotary.

Jerry Chambers - 2002 - 2006 - Jerry Chambers was the president and owner of Jerry Chambers Chevrolet.  He served on the Board of Directors of Chevrolet Motors and was a member of the Sunrise Rotary Club.

Robin Halliday - 2002 - 2011 - Robin Halliday is Vice President of Network Services for DIS Corporation, located in downtown Bellingham.  Robin is a former campaign chair of United Way of Whatcom County.

Troy Luginbill - 2008 - 2011 - Troy Luginbill is director of the Lynden Pioneer Museum.

Charles Self - 2002 - 2014  - Charles Self is a retired Wal Mart Corporation senior executive.  He has served on the Whatcom Museum Society Board, the Bellingham Festival of Music Board, and is a supporter of the Mount Baker Theatre.

Phil Sharpe - 2002 - 2004 - Phil Sharpe is an attorney in Bellingham where he has practiced law for more than 20 years.  Phil has experience working on the staff of former United States Senator Brock Adams.

Manca Valum - 2002 - 2004 - Manca Valum is employed by the Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County and prior to her appointment there served as the Development Director for Womencare Shelter.  Manca has been very actively involved in the community, with particular emphasis on issues involving domestic violence, and was instrumental in the effort to establish the Domestic Violence Commission in Whatcom County.

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